And our hero sets off…

I think the two questions on the mind of anyone who stumbles on this blog would be:

  1. What is POV-Ray?
  2. Why is someone dedicating a blog to it?

First answer, POV-Ray is a free and open-source raytracer that can produce high quality, photo-realistic images based on scripts written in its scripting language, “POV-code”. And in anticipation of the followup question, raytracing is a mathematical way of modelling the behavior of light, using vector math. It is pretty computationally intense, so as far as I know, it is not used in any live-rendered graphics.

Second answer might be a bit more long winded. I’ll try to keep it short, though. I found the program back when I was in college, downloaded it and ran through the tutorials. I eventually ran out of steam, since it can be rather involved, and I have a tendency to over complicate things.

I always wanted to try and get back into it, and this blog is part of my latest effort.


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