Some Tracing Fun…

Now to add the wire array around the globe. I think this is to protect you from accidentally burning your hand, or possibly to protect the globe from getting cracked by banging up against something. Either way, this is what I’ll be working on […]

Texture Update

So I finally got around to updating the textures and finishes, gave it a bumpy pattern to the normal vector, and added a bit of polish to the globe. Although, now that I think about it, I could add a bit of a bumpy […]

A Couple More Links…

Not a lot of progress on my current raytrace; I managed to finish the wick detailing, but still need to add in the adjustment knob for the wick before moving on to the top assembly. I took another look through the POV-Ray people pages, […]

A Light Interlude…

Just a link to a POV-Ray user’s website. I was browsing through the “People Pages” section of the POV-Ray homepage, and most of the links were dead. Pretty sad, so I thought I’d post another link, so I could at least find the sites […]

Back From Hiatus

Well, finally got back moving on this. I modified the globe object, using a lathe instead of a sphere. This way looks like it yields an uneven wall thickness, though. I tried a difference of two lathe objects earlier; I might go back to […]


Of course I had to get sidetracked.Trying to make a gas lantern, and decided to make something to create a path defined by a set of points, but with rounded corners. Yeah, you could use a spheresweep object, but that doesn’t use a constant […]

And On a Related Note…

I just saw a link on the POV-Ray newsgroups about modelling the glass/water interface. It mentioned the double-reflections that I have been seeing in the glass of water I’ve been rendering, so this might be useful. Mostly I’m posting this to remember it for […]

Clear Water, Finally

After a bit more hair pulling and reading through the newsgroups, I finally found the problem. I had used the parameter “max_intersections” in global_settings, but should have used “max_trace_level” instead. I used a value of 10, but it looks like 7 or 8 will […]